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Our sweetest songs are those, which tell our saddest thoughts  



1. Facebooker Chobi: A story of a girl, who can read people by looking at their faces


2. Hojje Jabo: A determination of a son to gift the credit of hajj (pilgrimage to the Kabaa) to his deceased father


3.SHOMO: A bengali mother's struggle for her homosexual son


4. Boro Lal Gol Ekta Tip : A story of Bangladeshi, who came to the US to become an engineer


5. Onirban Prothom Prem : A must story to read. It will definitely remind you about your first love


6. Sharokkhon Bangladesh: An amazing story about a Bangladeshi who was forced to leave his homeland after the communal riot in 1964. He has been bearing Bangladesh in every possible ways. It will be definitely a memorable eyeopener for all of us.


7. Ekjon Debi: A story of a goddess who happened to be a woman in the world.


8. Kothata Bolar Dorkar: A desperate attempt to say something something important to his love


9. Ma! Ma!! Amar Ma!!!: An illustration how a man keeps image of mother in his heart


10. Kobita Porar Prohor Eseche: Comingle of celebrity's life into the lives of the people who admired them


11. Meyetar Nam Akashi: A father and daughter's protest of social injustice.


12. Charidike Eto Judho: A story of clash of generations, cultures and values


13. Ami Ek Din Na: Lives, love, and mystic music on Bengali's in 1960, when Bangladesh was part of Pakistan, named East Pakistan.


14. Bohe Somantoral : An eye opening story of an American Retired Military Commando and a sweet young girl from Bangladesh.


15. Jum Bristi : A legacy of Bangladesh Liberation war


16. Katar Mukut: A story based on Bangladesh War Babies and their mothers

17. Bohe Somantoral: Parrallel lives of 2 cultures circling similar issues.

18. Megher Ki Rong: Do we really know the color of cloud? different look in to human character.

19. Pink Slip: A story based on American layoffs or so-called issuance of pink slips.